#Survivors is raising money for many things, but most importantly, to help other survivors. There are many things that I am hoping to achieve throughout the next decade and some of those is bringing about an awarness of the suffering of survivors, helping survivors who have the courage to go through the legal system, helping those who wish to set up their own local survivors help-group, setting up travelling workshops, supplying second hand PC Systems to those that are unable to access our channel and the resources available on the Internet.

There is much much more to be done, but this is a start and when people learn that survivors are not going to tolerate the abuse any longer, when they hear our voice, there will be much more for me to do. Remember, WE ARE A NON-PROFIT ORGANISATION, so your money will benefit survivors on a global scale.

There are many products now being made availble to anyone who wishes to donate to our cause in an indirect way.



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#Survivors magazine, packed with information, the latest global news, poems, and much much more

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#Survivors Ribbon

To be worn in the Month Of September, the #Survivors Awarness Month.

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#Survivors Information Pack

Who we are, what we do, everything about us.

How to set up your own self-help group in your area, and how to guide people to the channel

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#Survivors - Cash Donations

  Of course you may just want to donate to #survivors. Remember we are a non-profit organisation and all donations will contribute to the work that awaits me.

Donations can be made from your own bank to the following account.

Bank : TSB (Trustees Savings Bank))

A/C : 91294660

Sort Code: 77.63.01


For any of the items listed above, please email me with your request and I will get back to you, please mark the email *fund-raiser* to info@survivors.org.uk

If you wish to forward a donation then all cheques/Postal Orders should be made payable to #Survivors On The Net. Many thanks in advance for your help, it is appreciated more that you can know.


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