Key Functions Of #Survivors On The Net



Provide support and information on the internet for survivors of childhood abuse, their partners, family and friends by:-

  Providing and up-to-date and comprehensive database of self-help groups, freephone numbers, counsellors and therapists  
  Establishing a twenty-four hour information and self-help forum for survivors run by survivors  
  Providing a web site with links to other resources available both locally and on the internet  
  Establish an email enquirey and support service  
      Number of visitors to the web site  
      Number of visitors to the database  
      Number of emails received  
      Number of visitors to the chat forum  


Strategies for informing people about #Survivors On The Net and the resources available to them

  Monthly newsletter on the web site and free to download as hard copy  
  Poster and leaflet campaigns  
  Training programmes  
  General public awareness-raising displays demonstrating how to access the resources available both locally and on the internet  
      Feedback from members, service users, and volunteers on the effectiveness and service provided by us  
      Number of subscribers to the newsletter  
      Carried out poster and leaflet campaigns  
      Number of presentations and video demonstrations  


Promote communications via the internet to businesses, not-for-profit and charitable organisations, service users and workers

  Increase presentation/demonstrations  
  Initiate touring displays and video demonstrations on internet capabilities  
  Use email and web sites for advertising to statutory agencies and organisations  
  Liaise with local, national and international agenicies to adapt materials for local use, i.e. NEPAC, NSPCC, The Samatatins, Survivors Network, Threshold, Womens' Centre, SIA, Abusing the Issue, Dreamweavers, To tell the Truth  
  Implement media coverage to advertise this service:  
        Community Pages in local press  
        Internet magazines  
        Local, national and international notice boards  
      Outputs measured by increase in membership  
      Outputs measured by increase in enquiries  
      Publications by number of articles  
      Radio by airtime  


Disseminate Best Practice

  Focus on supporting organisations involving survivors of abuse, i.e. local, national and international help groups and other user groups  
  Develop guidelines for good practice for support and infromation services on the internet  
  Gather examples from other organisations, i.e., Samaratins, Survivors Network, NEPAC, NSPCC, VOICES, SIA, To Tell the Truth, known for good practice in working with abuse issues, recruitment and training,  
  Collect and disseminate information for self-help groups about working, volunteering, security, data protection on the internet  
  Act as a database/information service for organisations involved with surviviors or considering developing similar support services on the internet  
  Internet, desktop publishing and web sites would enable forms, letters and advertising to be presented more efectively, with greater clarity and to a wider audience  
      Production of information packs  
      Numbers of registered charitable, voluntary organisations and agencies providing similar support services  


Support and training for people wishing to set up similar services

  Professionals - Organise workshops for training on good practice, i.e., interview and recruitment procedures on the internet, time management, presentation skills, data protection procedures on the internet  
  Provide network opportunities and resources  
  Expand the exisiting support system. Set up groups focused on similar interests, i.e., co-ordinators working with survivors, family, friensa and partners, and those working with abuse issues  
  Volunteers - Organise training and special workshops both locally and via the internet, i.e., telephone training in line with BBS Telephone & Helplines' Guidelines and Policies  


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Jill Miles (paddy)
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