The Worldwide March September 26th 1998.


"we are not a few amongst millions but more millions amongst a few"

Anyone who knows me, knows that when I decide to do something I go all out to achieve it. This time I need your help. I need all of you out there to want as much as I do, to have the entire world recognise our plight and bring about a more reasonable judicial system, one that will recognise how we suffer as victims, and ensure that the perpertrators are dealt with accordingly.

The Worldwide March September 26th 1998.

The reasons behind the march:

For so many years now many victims and survivors of abuse, their families and supporters have been unable to express how they truly feel about what has happened to them and apart from therapy and self help groups there has been no medium in which they can peacefully come together as a group to express themselves, this is now changing. For all the evils of the internet it also provides us with access to each other worldwide creating a powerful network within which we can all begin to make our voice heard.

One of the main objectives of creating the march has been to not only unify us as a group, but to give us a forum in which we start to tear down the archaic laws in all our countrys regarding the treatment of victims and the lack of proper sentencing for offenders. By organising Marches all over the world on the same date, no matter whether it be a small town with only twenty people or a large city with thousands attending, we start to show the powers that be where there was fragmentation in our fights for justice, we are now speaking as one voice. A very loud voice, a voice with a membership that will will no longer go unheard.

Last but by no means least the March will enable us to start to consolidate our beliefs and views and enable us to put together effective petitions, mission statements, accurate information and most importantly to take a political stance, the one objective we should all strive for is to have a representative in every country to fight within the system for our rights, the rights of the silenced and the rights for our unborn children. Imagine if the worlds most vulnerable, most damaged all stood up as one with a democratically elected spokesperson to fight for them in the Senate or the Houses of Parliament we would have to be listened to because if we are all marching! who could not listen to the millions of us????

I end with a saying that is true to my heart:


When you hit those brick walls use it, you'd be suprised what a nights sleep and that phrase running around your conscience can achieve,

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How Can You Help Me With The World Wide March

Every year the march in London was organised by a group called C.R.O.S.S. I attended the march for the first time in 1995, gathering in Hyde Park and marching to Trafalgar Square. It was very emotional and brought home some truths to me. We are not a few amongst a million, but millions amongst a few. A scary thought, and without doubt one that needs action. The people on the march all have their own reasons for being there but the collective idea is to bring attention in whatever way possible to what is going on behind the family door. Oh yes, we look normal, act normal, as far as others are concerned we are normal but we have spent too long hiding the lie, allowing the perpertrators to carry on their injustice. Why?? Fear, fear and the fact that the legal system and our culture perpetuates the perpetrators. It has to stop!! We must speak up and the march is our chance to do that.

Sadly C.R.O.S.S are no longer able to organise the march and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jane and Nicole for the concept of the march, their devotion, hard work and time. They will never be forgotten.

Also I would like to thank NEPAC for taking over the organising of the March, a vital event that thousands of survivors now rely on as a forum for expression, sharing and caring.



26th September 1998

March with me!!!!

This march is about survivors and what they have been through. If you are from the UK then make it a date and be there with us. If you are from outside the UK, then there are a number of things that you can do. Contact me and I will either send you posters or you can copy them from this site. Put them up in you help-groups and other places of interest and advertise the march. Organise a march in September '98 in your own home town the same time as we do here in London. You can do it!! If we could get all the help-groups in all the countries to organise a march on the same day, imagine what a statement we would be making. I dream about the world gathering together for this cause, please help my dream come true. Also, if you cannot make it, or are not in a position to orgainse a march where you are, then please go to the Petition Page and sign in. There you will be signing for reform to the laws that appear to give more rights to the perpertrators. We need changes in the Judicial System, in how we are cared for after reporting abuse, in setting up much more safehouses and help-groups. There are many many things we can ask for, but a world-wide petition can be delivered to all governments and cannot be ignored. You can phone or fax me on

(44) 01273 277943

for more information or alternatively email me at

For more information on the UK march see below

Click here For Pictures and Details of the '97 March


For more information on the AU march please click here


Where ............................Assemble at the Reform Tree in Hyde Park, London at 12 midday on the 26th September '98 . Please bring purple balloons, tambourines, small drums, whistles, anything that will make a big noise. We will leave the park at 1.30pm and march down Park Lane to a rally at Trafalgar Square, where survivors are welcome to express themselves.

There will be accoustic, poems, stalls and hopefully wide media coverage.

Who..............................Anyone who is against childhood abuse can join us, lets show the world that child abuse is wrong and should no longer be tolerated.


Following the march, a petition demanding government action to combat child abuse will be presented to 10 Downing Street. accompanied by survivors. In order for the petition to be effective, as many signatures as possible are neede as possible to be collected in advance either by signing the petition or by requesting a copy of the petition form.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the continued support and wonderful work from Roby Bair (pictured below) who organised the march in '97.. Robyn has worked real hard to organise a march for the same day, so if you can't be here for 98 but are definatly there then please contact Robyn at!

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