Our Purpose

"Thrive is a group of women, who share their strength, hope and experience with each other in order to promote nuturing and healing from abusive childhoods. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, politics or organization, neither do we endorse nor oppose any causes. Our primary purpose is to promote healing and offer love and support to other survivors healing from the effects of abusive childhoods."

Code of Ethics

The information and sharing entrusted to you is confidential; it is not for public disclosure or gossip. Respect the privacy of those who sharewith us, privately or to the group. If something is sent to you marked private, you do not share it with other members of the group without the express permission of the sender. You may not agree with an opinion or belief of the one sharing, but remember, it is their opinion or belief and we should refrain from judgement or criticism. When responding, we share our experience, strength and hope.

We are not counsellors and therefore caution that if issues discussed in the group cause you concern or that you are contemplating any action that is a danger to yourself or others, that you seek the help of a qualified professional experienced in matters of sexual abuse. We do not disclose the indentity or email address of any one in the group to others. We will not forward or publish any material originating from the group to anyone outside the group without the express permission of the author, and if given, we are careful to remove any and all names and addresses before forwarding such material. Please note, we do not believe healing of these matters can be accomplished in isolation and urge all members to avail themselves of a strong, supporting partner or counselor on which they can depend. This
recovery partner should be someone they can contact and meet with in person.
Graphic material or sexually explicit descriptions may be very upsetting to some members. If we enclose such material, for the comfort of others it is suggested that we set it apart by announcing first that it is a spoiler and giving some space after the announcement of spoiler and the actual material. An example follows.

--------------------- ** SPOILER ** -------------------------

Material begins one whole screen below the announcement.

<-------------------- **END OF SPOILER ** -------------------------

One of the reasons it works so well, is that it is anonymous, that is we might never meet each other and therefore is easier to be truthful and candid. We have a Code of Ethics, just common sense rules of confidentiality and consideration, and a group purpose. we pick a topic which is sent out on the weekend to everyone, using carbon copies, and the rest of the week we all share on the subject. We get sidetracked on other things that flow out of the topic, and on occasion someone is going through bad times, (depression) and we encourage them. In other words, we share our Experience, Strength and Hope with each other. Most of us have had some counselling, or at the least read fairly extensively on issues of incest and/or sexual abuse.


A few words from Lilwater who introduced me to this method of support:-

We have become closer than sisters and offer each other love, encouragement, empathy, hope and we share our tears and laughter, victory and failures....Sharing this way has given me exactly what I thought alcohol did in the beginning (before it bit me) and it is safe, legal, and non-threatening. It is addictive though. I just can't get enough love and this group just gives and gives and gives....

I have never in my life before felt so at peace, so accepted, so loved, and so self confident that I will survive and even thrive... Hope my little shares gave you a taste of that love....


Thank you Lilwater....you time and help with this has been very much appreciated.

Life can sometimes seem like an everending uphill struggle, and sometimes it is. Don't be alone, know that we are there for you and want to help, to show we care, to listen.


For those who are interested in joing our email support group, please email me marking the email *THRIVE* with any statement you may want to make introducing yourself to the rest of the group to info@survivors.org.uk


Jill Miles (paddy)
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