#Survivors recognises the fact that some will find it difficult to talk about their particular situation in either a group in a channel or by email to someone they do not really know. For that reason I have set up this page in order that you may read a brief description about others who would like to correspond about their issues. This way you can see if there is anyone with a similar history and issues to your own and take a step to discuss this as friends ( a bit like pen-pals).


This page is currently under construction, however if you would like to subscribe to this page with your own details, the please forward the following information, some details of yourself, where you are in the healing process, and your email address.


Whilst I hope that people will realise the sensitivity of this issue and not abuse the list of email addresses on this site, I cannot guarantee the nature of the replies that you will receive. If there is anything untoward received by any of the subscribers to this page, then I would like to know as soon as possible so that I may take some course of action to remedy the situation.